~ Artist Invitational ~
October 16th - December 23rd

 Nature's Inspirations: The Art of Marie Sheehy Walker PSA

 Cuba Libre Light: Photographic Images by Holly Gordon

 Artists' Reception during the Huntington Village Art Walk, 10/22/17, 12-4pm

 Marie Sheehy-Walker, a classical artist who works in pastel, oil and watercolor. Strongly influenced by the beauty of our natural  world, her inspirations spring from the grandeur of our National Parks to the unassuming old boots in the basement. She  believes that through art, she can help others see their environment with greater awareness and have a more sensitive and  nuanced vision, to appreciate and experience the inner joy that stems from the discovery of beauty previously over-looked.

 Holly Gordon traveled to Cuba to see for herself what has been a forbidden and unknown country, shrouded in mystery and  heated rhetoric. A journey into the heart of darkness this was not! Her work cuts through the ideological fog with uncensored  discovery and verve.

 Americans are tangled up in a mind-warp that has molded and manipulated this island neighbor into a bleak communist  country. Cuba is poor but not impoverished. Those glorious retro autos of the 1950’s are tourist candy…but ingenuity and joie  de vivre is rampant. There is so much more to Cuba that we have been prevented from seeing and knowing. This exhibition  provides a glimmer.

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